Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sleep training: Day 2

Last night I decided I wouldn’t be within arms reach from the crib. I also decided he shouldn’t eat right before bed so that he doesn’t throw up again. He cried and cried again, but no vomiting. He’ll get tired of crying and standing and eventually fall asleep. He’s safe, I told myself. My husband barged in and swept him up like a Mama Bear and told me he can’t bear to hear him like this.

“Then you get up and night”

“I will”

*eye roll* He does and he will but he also works so much later than I do.

My husband put him to sleep and transferred him the the crib. All the while telling no one in particular how small our baby is and shouldn’t have to cry ever.

He woke up at around 2 am for a bottle because he didn’t eat right before bed. He kept waking up every 45 minutes. Because he normally doesn’t get up that early for a bottle, I didn’t think to feed him. Then I realized he didn’t have his bottle right before bed.

His stomach is small and has always eaten in small amounts frequently, so weaning him off at night completely is a challenge. I gave him half of what he normally takes in order to wean him and he was okay with that.

He woke up again at 6 am to find his pacifier, which my husband attended to because I was so drained from the night before that I couldn’t get up. He slept well and overall, less frequent night time awakenings.  

Progress or a fluke? We will soon find out.

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