Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sleep Training: Day 3

Last night I decided to feed him before bed and put him to the crib after he sleeps. He refused the bottle at bedtime, and before my bedtime.

I knew he’d get up at night.

And he did.

At 1:30 am I gave him a full bottle and he slept until 6:45 am. For weaning purposes I should've tried to just give him 4 ounces. Each day is a new learning experience and I'll try that next time. 

Not much to report from last night. He fussed and fumbled around in his crib, but we didn’t have to go in. He was able to put himself back to sleep. He did wake up ready to play pretty early though.

The good news in that he didn’t cry immediately, more like whined a little. He also knew which direction the door was in so he was facing the door, waiting for someone to come in. But he wasn’t traumatized that he was alone or anything.

Overall I got a lot better sleep than the previous two nights. Although I did wake up multiple times due to his sounds I heard through the monitor. He was okay and so was I.

Each subsequent post is getting short and shorter. This may be a good sign.

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