Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"That's the Key"

What is? Where is this key? The key to what?



Is happiness success?  Is success being rich? Is t being at the top at work and better than everyone around you?

What key am I searching for? What do I want the most?

Being content with the way things are no matter what. And if I'm happy with nothing, I am more successful than being unhappy while having everything.

How to be happy? Retail therapy, entertainment - these are short-acting narcotics that give us that short burst and quick high. What happens when I'm lying in bed at night thinking to myself. What are my final thoughts before I doze off to sleep?


baby's up, creative time's over!

Reflection of my writing: Dark and gloomy come to mind when thinking about the mood of this piece. I have a dark and gloomy mind lately with a lot of thoughts that don't have a home. I'll eventually get it all out. 

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