Sunday, November 16, 2014

Alpha Hydrox foaming face wash clarifying cleanser

I've been using this face wash on and off for a few months now and wanted to give it a review. The reason why I haven't been using it daily is because I'm lazy and don't wash my face everyday with soap and water. My skin is super low maintenance and I've been taking full advantage of that. Most days I don't wear makeup and I'm too lazy tired to take an extra step before or after work and remove my makeup.

On the back it states that this cleanser is gentle enough to use on the eyes. So I've been paying more attention to my eyes after removing my makeup and washing my face for the past few uses to see if it really does what it states.

How I use it:
I wet my face with water and pour a small amount on to my fingers. I rub it onto my face using circular motions. I start on my cheeks move on to my nose, forehead and chin. Then I massage gently under my eyes and over my eyelids and finally rub the product against my lash line.  I wash with warm water because I do not like cold water. I then pat my face dry and apply a moisturizer right after.

What I liked about this cleanser: 
It really did clean off my eye makeup. After I take off my eyeliner and mascara with an oil based makeup remover pad I wash my face with face wash and usually need to go over my lash line with vitamin E oil on a Q tip to fully remove the residual makeup. I noticed that the Q tip was cleaner when I used this face wash in comparison to others.

My skin felt nice, clean and soft after using this product.

This was really gentle on the eyes and didn't burn them. Some products, including eye makeup removers, have caused significant irritation to my eyes. Even though my skin is not sensitive.

What I don't like:
It says it's a foaming face wash but it didn't foam or create a bubbly lather that I like to see. This is a personal preference. I also feel like it's a bit thick/creamy going on compared to other face washes. However, it did leave my skin feeling moisturized after. So I really shouldn't be complaining.

Would I recommend this to a friend/family?
Definitely! It says what it says it does. It was kind and gentle on my skin while actually cleaning it, not leaving much residue. I will repurchase this bottle once I am out.

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