Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Daycare Diaries

We started taking baby boo to daycare last week. I'm working the night float all month {which explains my absence already} and figured this would be a good time to sleep while he goes off and play with other kids.

He always gets excited when he sees other little people and I figured now is a good time to get him out of the house and get some socialization a few times a week. I also thought it was a great time to start because if there should be any problems that I'd have to go and get him, I'd be off work and would be able to pick him up.

Day one was hard for me. He happily jumped into the caregiver's hands and didn't look back. It's better this way, I told myself. Otherwise it would be hard to leave him crying and screaming for me. I'm absent enough as it is.

Day one was the day that he didn't dink a drop of milk all day long and didn't want to eat at all. Since he is not yet one, the daycare doesn't give table food. When he saw the other kids eating table food he refused the pureed baby food. He is a big boy after all. I got so many phone calls that day. They were worried because he didn't eat a thing. But he was happy otherwise.

He'd just scream his head off if anyone did so much as show him a bottle.

But let me tell ya; putting him in daycare made it so easy to transition to table food. I was going too slowly with coarsely mashed foods that he'd gag on because of texture. He likes chewing much better.

Baby boo also decided that he will not drink out of a bottle and was grabbing at other kids's sippy cups. But once he finds out it's milk and not water he tosses it aside. He loves water and we've been giving it to him in a sippy cup. Hopefully this will be a relatively easy transition, too.

He did well overall and I picked him up as he was napping. I just hope that the feeding gets better.

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