Monday, November 24, 2014

Baby's Birthday Scare

On Friday we celebrated Baby Bear's first birthday. He turned one on Saturday, the 22nd but had a birthday dinner early because my husband was going hunting this weekend. We're not so uptight about birthdays so we decided to celebrate early.

He got his own mini cake with a "1" candle and little dinosaur candles all over it. We closed the lights and sung happy birthday in normal voices because loud voices scare him lol. He's such a cutie.

After his daddy helped him blow out the candles we sit him in his high chair and presented the cake for Baby bear to smash.

He got through the frosting only. Mainly because he looked at his hands in horror after the first offense and began to cry. He was bawling. He didn't like the feel of the frosting. My husband tried to put some Frosting in his mouth to show him it's sweet, but it made things worse. Haha.

What a baby.

Wah wah.

Just kidding I love him so much.

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