Sunday, January 4, 2015

Angry Baby

Today I took a Baby Bear to Chuck E Cheese for the very first time. This is not the one that we only go to as we are a  couple hours from home, so I went alone instead of with other friends.

He got really excited to see all the kids playing and running around. The ligjts and sounds engaged him. He was excited to sit with Bob the Builder and on the train and take a photo with Chuck E.

There is a phone with numbers you can press and speak with and see Chuck E on a monitor. The phone is also physically to the device with a cable. Baby Bear loves phones loves to say hello or, "oo-ooh?" when he picks up the phone.

However when he found out that he could not walk away with this phone he threw a fit. He slammed the phone onto the floor. Then he would walk away, walk back to the phone and try to hang it up. However, he couldn't because he's just not coordinated enough yet. So I would put the phone back on the hook for him. He then proceeded to try to unhook the phone, get frustrated because he couldn't. I would unhook the phone for him and say hello and pleasant voice. He then will happily take the phone from me say hello himself happily and then attempt to walk away.

When he realized he was limited by the cord he agaun began screaming. It was a viscious cycle.

I just had to laugh. I couldn't do anything else but laugh. This little man has such a big temper. We have to teach him anger management because he is not coping very well with the stresses of everyday life. LOL. he's had a lot of people in the past few days.

In his defense I have to say it was his nap time and I didn't let him because I wanted to leave so housekeeping could clean.

He fell asleep before I even settled down in thw driver's seat.

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  1. Lol! You're right, it's the nap. Can't believe he's starting to talk now. Enjoy the rest of your trip!