Sunday, January 25, 2015


Baby Bear likes his pacifier. So much so that when he sucks on it really hard it leaves a red ring around his mouth. And his breath stinks and his face stinks because of all the saliva hanging around his mouth.

I've seen older children with pacifiers and I cringe. He doesn't need it in his mouth all the time, but he definitely has moments where he absolutely needs it. I he's cranky and when he's out to sleep. I was going to get rid of it cold turkey on 12/30/14 but then noticed four of his top teeth growing in all at the same time. Well taking it away at a time like that is just plain cruel.

A mom suggested trimming the end f the pacifier. And trim i every day or gradually over a few days. he eventually won't like how it sits in his mouth and will either shrug his shoulders and toss it out or throw a fit. When he throws a fit and all his pacifiers aren't helping he's going to have to learn how to soothe himself another way.

So I trimmed it and gave it to him. he didn't care for it while he was awake and didn't mind not having it. But towards the night he became super fussy and cranky and developed a fever. So I let him have the uncut pacifier. Today I replaced it again with the cut pacifier. since he is feeling better. Nap time was hard as he wanted a pacifier to soothe him and the one available wasn't helping. He eventually fell asleep.

I'll be updating you guys about how the night goes.

I think it's harder on parents. Especially tired parents who don't want to have to put extra work in to soothe lol. Sorry but I am guilty of it. I work and work and want something to b easy. A Happy baby is easy, guys.

So for myself I am going to cut ALL his pacifiers. Or I should just throw them all away except this cut one I have. But I will wait until day after tomorrow to do so because I have a 24 hour call and won't be able to execute the plan. So if whoever it caring for him is willing to put in that extra soothing after taking care of him all day is willing to use the cut pacifier I am all for it. but I won't push it because it's not their kid and they are doing me a favor for watching him.

Good night for now guys!

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  1. Interesting. Never heard about the cut pacifier! I was thinking of weaning noah too. I read in places where you replace the pacifier with a toy instead. Maybe try that? Cut only one pacifier just in case, not all.