Saturday, January 3, 2015


I am trying this new thing out where I can update you guys about my day. Or maybe myself about my day. Because I don't have too many readers.

I think that would be nice to record the  highlights of my day with my baby or just my day at work or in general. it would be sweet that i would be able to look back at themand ans read what we did that day.  I will also be updating a January 1st and 2nd blogs highlighting what we did those days. 

Today baby bear and I went to the library. I took him soon after breakfast. I am currently in a hotel so we had to get out before the maid came because I get really awkward when there are people cleaning my stuff when I could very well be doing it on my own.

It was his nap time so he fell asleep on the way there. I really enjoyed the hour or so that he was sleeping because I was able to catch up on some reading that I would not have been able to had he been awake. I read my book in the kids section so that he'd be in an acceptable place in case he woke up crying.

When he had woken up we played with the toys and read some books. He normally prefers his books over toys at home. Here he preferred the toys. Probably because they were new compared to what he has at home. He was the only one there. So he got to do whatever he wanted. And make quite a bit of noise.

We went up for lunch and he did not fight me he had some fried chicken and pizza. Maybe that's why he did not fight me. He also is enjoying the green beans. Which I did not think he enjoyed as much of carrots and peas. We went back down to the kids area to play.

We came back to the hotel where I set out to the rest of his food leftovers. He is walking around right now picking at food and walking away with it playing coming back taking some more. It's snacking but something in his belly is better than nothing or better than nothing.

I also love that today he's been smothering me with sloppy wet kisses. This doesn't happen too often, so whenever it does I just soak it all in and do not care about how my face looks. I have oily finger marks all over my shirt and slobber all over me but I don't get to enjoy this intense love everyday. He keeps coming up to me and cuddling with me.

I love my little man.

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  1. :) I read your blog everyday, looking for new updates!