Sunday, December 28, 2014

Food Fight

My baby is not one who lives to eat. He definitely eats to live.

It's difficult to get him to really enjoy food. He will eat it on good days and on bad days he will throw a fit and refuse to eat at all. On the good days he'll eat but won't be upset if you don't continue to feed him. So it's difficult to figure out if he's eating enough. At least he's growing.

I am one of those parents that thinks it's ridiculous to have to flash an iPhone, phone or TV during meals. But after experiencing so much resistance with my own kid, I can understand why parent's do so. It's quite frustrating to see your child refuse meals time after time.

Unfortunately, I do not care for my child for a huge chunk of the day. I can probably be there for one meal. Two if I am lucky. Other people are not as patient as I am. I do not know how they feed Baby Bear. I know my husband definitely pulls out the phone because he is impatient himself. For other's I pretend it goes my way. I can't get mad at those who volunteer to watch him for free in the comfort of his own home environment.

I've heard of different things to get kids to eat. Give them variety. Don't offer them too much variety. I usually put finger foods or rice or whatever on his plate and then feed him in between him feeding himself. That way he can practice eating but still get enough in before getting tired of trying to feed himself.

He will eat snacks. He loves snacks. Goldfish and veggies crisps, crackers, grapes. I try to limit snacks or not feed him to avoid spilling what little appetite he has. I also do it so that the snacks aren't on his mind before I do feed him.

He's definitely not a foodie like his mom and dad.

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