Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Write About Your Relationship With Food

I have a love-hate relationship with food. It's what I seek comfort in; it's what I use to celebrate with. The consequence of food make me sad and depressed. It's the cause of my weight gain, of my lowered self esteem. But I shouldn't blame food for that.

Food has so many strong emotions attached to it. Food is a blessing and I am blessed to be able to eat whatever I want due to unlimited availability, lack of allergies, good sanitation. I'm not picking up crumbs out of the trash. Food makes me feel grateful. When someone makes something for me it makes me feel loved.

In a way it's also an indicator of socioeconomic standing. What types of food one can afford and eat depends on income. Fresh organic food is more expensive than fast food.

This is not healthy but I cannot say no to food. I love the taste and the textures. Each bite is a different experience. I wish I could politely decline, but knowing I'm missing out on something spectacular makes it difficult.

 I sound like I have an eating disorder. I promise I do not.

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