Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kitty Cat Pillow Pet

We have a massive cat in our house. She is huge. Her belly rubs up against the floor as she walks. And she loves loves loves affection and attention. Even if a kid pulls on her tail. She'll just start purring and get even more relaxed.

So Baby Bear and kitty cat have become real good chums. I hated it at first because animals ave germs and don't use soap. I still cringe a little inside when he body slams kitty cat. Not because I think he's hurting her. She just rolls over on he back and asks anyone and everyone to rub her belly. But because I don't know where the poop is on her long fur.

Lately he's been lying down on her like she's his pillow pet. I don't know where this kid comes up with these ideas. But he hugs her and put his head down on her belly and smiles. Then he gets bored after 0.2939434 seconds and needs to get up. Only she's so soft. So he puts all his weight on her poor humungous belly and props himself up.

This cat must love him to allow him to do that.

ps - image found from google. Not my kid. 

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