Saturday, December 6, 2014

Re-Play Divided Plates

I bought these Re-Play divided plates for baby boo on amazon this past week and have been using them since.

Why I decided on this product: 
I bought them because they were inexpensive, duh. I also liked the Sugar Booger brand but it was 2-3 times more expensive for one than 3 of these! So I stuck with these because I wanted a few plates and didn't want to spend around 45 dollars for three.

I also purposefully didn't buy any themed plates or ones with pictures because my little man is hyper enough and gets distracted so easily, I didn't want to make feeding time more difficult than it is until he's able to cut down his feeding time.

They're dishwasher safe and BPA free.  The pates have nice deep sides. The plates are made from recycled plastic.

Shape and size:
I like the size of each section and like that it's a "normal" shape unlike the other plates I've seen for toddlers.  I don't know if there's any child psychology or logic related to the hales of some of the plates I've seen, but I was shooting for normal with decent sizes for each section. These fit what I was looking for.

Not Microwave safe:
Now I did not read anything about these being microwave safe, but that's okay with me. I don't keep his food in the plates in the fridge as storage anyways.

Clean up:
So far so good. These are pretty easy to clean. The food comes right off when I clean it after meals. I don't like to let it sit around and dry up on the plate so I have yet to test that issue out. But generally I don't like to let food do that anyways. It's going to make it harder to clean.

How Baby Likes it:
He is doing just fine with these plates. He doesn't have issues keeping the food in the plate, unless he's done eating and tried to turn it upside down. We approve of these plates!

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