Friday, December 26, 2014

Uh Oh

Baby bear is starting to throw things in wrong places to see our facial expressions and to hear us say, "Uh oh!"

It started when I'd be feeding him at his high chair and he'd throw down his spoon, plate, food, sippy cup. Basically anything that could be thrown. Then he'd crank his little neck all the way down and exclaim. 

Now he started throwing things in random places, like behind his bookcase. Then he looks at me with a surprised facial expression and says, "Uh!" Today he learned how to say, "oh!" 

That really got him geared up to throw everything he could behind the bookcase so he could say, "uh oh!" He'd also get on his tippy toes to make sure it was back there and out of his reach.

I can't believe his is growing so fast. 

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