Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review: Mama Bee

"Keep your skin supple and soft with this light-weight, all natural body oil. Sweet almond and lemon oils and Vitamin E recondition skin throughout your pregnancy. No phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS."

I used this during my pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and soothe itching. I am lucky and genetics played a large role in me not getting stretch marks, but I still used this just in case. However, I didn't use this consistently. Just whenever I could remember or was not too lazy.

A reason why I don't like moisturizing my skin is because I do not like the way it feels when my clothes are in contact with my skin. After applying most moisturizers I find myself waiting a few minutes to make sure I don't have that sticky, clingy feel to my clothes. 

I typically used this after my shower but have also used this without showering. I found it to absorb quickly either way. It has an interesting but pleasant scent. Smells natural, I suppose. I do like it and it did the trick in aiding my skin to stay hydrated and soothed irritation my skin felt due to stretching. 

I rediscovered this in my linen closet a few days ago and have been using it to fight my dry skin in this harsh winter weather. I also have hypothyroidism so my skin is extra alligator-ish. This definitely did the trick and as long as I consistently use this - or any other moisturizer I suppose- it will stay nice and soft.

Because it is an oil I feel like it stays softer longer. I will continue to use this in the future. Pregnant or not!

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